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RadhaKrishn 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Khyati asks Bhargavi if she feels good now. Srinivas says he was fine and came to talk to her about her marriage in her Bargabi. Rishi asks Brig what he wants to say. Srinivas says he has a suggestion. 

Bargabi says he doesn't need his suggestion. Srinivas says he will do it anyway, and after Padmavati's Svayamvara is over, she gets so many talented boys that Brig doesn't choose a boy for Bargavi until Padmavati's Svayamvara is complete. I suggest. Brig liked his idea. Srinivas says he is Bhargavi's guru and takes care of him.

Bargabi gets angry when he sees that he doesn't care about himself and returns his talented bracelet. He also tells him not to teach dance from tomorrow because he doesn't want to compete with Padmavati. Srinivas says she teaches her at any cost and she promises to marry the boy she chooses. 

Bargabi asks if he is ashamed to give this idea to her father. Srinivas says he will one day thank him for his suggestions. She says he made her sad and asks her to leave her. Bargabi returns home and hears Brig talking about delaying Svayamvara following Slinivas' advice. 

She thinks Srinivas helped her on her behalf, and she thinks Srinivas needs to know what she thinks. Rose tells Vas that King Akash and Bhrigus are meeting. Brig tells Akash that he must meet him at this point to discuss important issues. Akash asks what's wrong. The Bhrigu proposed an alliance between Bargabi and Vas. 

Raja asks if he really thinks so. Brig asks if he has any problems. Raja is thinking of a way to tell him that his son is incompetent for Bargabi. Vas goes to Akash, holds his foot and apologizes for his misconduct, and shows his amputated wrist as a form of self-punishment. 

Raja becomes emotional and forgives Vas. He then tells Brig that once Padmavati's marriage is over, they will discuss the marriage of Vas and Bargavi. Rose feels his plan has been successful, and Brig and Raja will marry her to Bargabi.

Padma Vati dances in front of everyone and asks Srinivas if he will win the competition. Srinivas wants both students to win and receive anklets as gifts. Goddess Gauri asks Mahadev why Srinivas presented the blessed Ghungroo to Padmavati and what would happen if both Padmavati and Bargabi danced equally.

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