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Unique Things to Do In Greensboro NC

Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC - Greensboro became the “Gate City” back in 1891 due to the massive number of trains arriving within the city per day, around 60 in total. 

However, this reputation came after a turbulent time in the city’s history, mainly as of its role during the Revolution and also the war. 

It absolutely was only at that time Greensboro prospered with the development of railroads and the industrial boom. Nowadays, you'll learn all about the city’s history in one of its 6 museums or maybe in one among its 40 art galleries.

1. Greensboro Science Center: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Science Center boasts a 12-acre zoo, an aquarium, and a hands-on museum plus a theatre with a 40-foot screen. The attractive aquarium features African penguins, a large Pacific octopus, and a bare tank where you'll pet stingrays and sharks. 

The ever-expanding zoo is home to tigers, gibbons, and red pandas, together with meerkats, crocodiles, and Aldabra tortoises. The zoo features a touch aggregation where you'll interact with animals like sheep, goats, and alpaca. 

The middle also counts with the Sky Wild, an obstacle course within the trees above the zoo where you'll ride zip lines and defeat obstacles.

2. Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park features slides, an 85-ft-wide wave pool, kids’ play areas, and cabanas with service. With over 38 rides, this can be considered one of the highest 10 water parks in the US. 

The lines for the rides are usually not the longest, and the rides themselves are enjoyable and excellent for both kids and adults of all ages. 

While all the pools are kid-friendly, they provide life vests for teenagers in just about every swimming area. The park itself is incredibly scenic and well-kept with lots of shade all around.

3. City of Greensboro – Country Park: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

The ample city-run Country Park features a jungle with playgrounds, tennis courts, nature trails, fishing lakes, a dog area, and picnic shelters. 

Most lake is ideal for paddle boating and fishing. You may also see many ducks and geese floating around. Country Park has something for everyone. 

With over a mile to explore, the walking/jogging trail is one of the highlights. In the middle of the dog and puppy park with its water fountains. 

The park also counts with the attractive, serene Forest Lawn Cemetery. 

These large, manicured park-like cemetery grounds contain several miles of paved lanes that are great for a quiet walk or jog.

4. Celebration Station: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

Celebration Station is a park with bumper boats, arcade games, mini-golf, go-karts, also as American food. 

The 36-hole mini-golf course features a great mixture of simple and challenging holes which is great for those that wish to compete against one another or simply have an honest time smacking a ball around.

5. Center City Park: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

One of Greensboro's Downtown Parks, Center City Park may be a popular neighborhood green space with unique architectural and landscape features, plus a fountain. 

Although there are not any playgrounds, this is often an excellent place for a picnic with the entire family given all the shade under the trees. 

For the scale and placement, the park packs lots of details and is unquestionably a welcome aesthetic.

6. Greensboro Arboretum: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

In total, 14 separate plant collections are found at the 17-acre Greensboro Arboretum. 

This education-oriented display garden features many flowers to seem at and enough space for people to run around. 

There are many woodland pathways and paved trails to enjoy and benches for you to take a seat and rest.

7. LeBauer Park Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

LeBauer Park features wide green lawns, gardens, and artistic play areas for teenagers, plus a stage and concession stands. 

This can be such an attractive park with bright colors, rubber flooring, green space, and artistic design. The park could be a little shelter for folks with something to try and to do for various ages. 

It counts with soft padding throughout, plenty of opportunities for exploration, slides, mountaineering, spinners, sensory area, and sandpit.

8. Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

The tranquil 7.5-acre Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden has seasonal plants, statues, a landscaped stream, and a marriage gazebo. 

With beautiful walkways and well-maintained gardens, this is often a good place to urge out and walk around since most trails are even stroller and wheelchair friendly. 

The scenery never fails to impress with the attractive flowers and well-maintained landscapes.

9. Carolina Theatre: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

The 1927 Carolina Theatre is now a venue for ballet, opera, theater plays, and other performing arts. 

This recently renovated old vaudeville grand theater may be a stunning place to go to and step back in time. 

It offers an honest mixture of movies and live entertainment for everybody.

10. Greensboro Botanical Gardens: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

With natural wetlands, Greensboro Botanical Gardens features an elevated boardwalk, sculptures, wildlife, and a waterfall. 

This park is contiguous with the Tanger Gardens across the road, in order that they are easily combined for an extended walk that mixes the enjoyment of both nature and art.

11. Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park commemorates a Revolutionary War battle featuring statues and historical exhibits. 

There are quite a few hiking trails together with an audio driving tour around the park. 

The walking trail is great because it captures the highlights of the monuments. The scenery is everything, and you'll close your eyes and feel the history of the place.

12. Greensboro History Museum

Exhibiting the stories of Greensboro and Guilford County, Greensboro History Museum features archives, collections, and artifacts. 

The displays are well done and help to convey the visitor a glimpse into the region’s past. There are many rare items on display with very accurate and detailed descriptions. 

Not only are there such a large amount of interesting things to work out and facts to find out, but a good part of this museum is additionally interactive.

13. Paul J Ciener Botanical garden

The year-round Paul J Ciener botanical garden offers themed gardens, a visitor center, tours, and a present shop. 

Located in downtown Kernersville, only 20 minutes from Greensboro, the garden encompasses a form of plants, trees, water features, and hardscapes. And as a bonus, you'll be able to learn the names of the plants similarly. 

This is often a terrific place to require a stroll while enjoying its beauty. 

Visitors can walk freely around the easy paths and absorb the gorgeous flowers and trees. Confirm to test out the orchid house and also the white garden.

14. Animal Park at the Conservators Center

Home to over 20 species of animals, Animal Park at the Conservators Center offers a pleasant and academic experience. 

Amongst its inhabitants are lions, wolves, big cats, and lemurs. You'll be able to see most of the animals pretty stop working and if you're lucky, they're going to even sing, roar, and howl. 

All of the enclosures are kept clean and every one of the animals looks healthy and happy. The tour guides know every animal’s name still as everything about them.

15. Greensboro Children’s Museum

The educational Greensboro Children’s Museum features 20 permanent hands-on exhibits and a half-acre outdoor learning garden. 

The museum is essentially a giant circle, so it's easy to navigate. While this place is geared toward young children, adults will have even as much fun as the little ones. 

There are ‘rooms’ of all types for youngsters to use their imaginations. A hospital, theater, foodstuff, grandma’s house, pizzeria, and more.

16. Greensboro Ice House: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

Opened in 1997, Greensboro Ice home is a multipurpose skating rink facility offering ice skating, hockey, skating lessons, broomball, and more. 

The venue has all the equipment you would possibly need for rental. The rink itself is large and comparatively well maintained. 

They also book the space for personal parties. The rink is home to the team Greensboro Youth Hockey Association which has daily slots for practicing.

17. Gateway Gardens: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

Covering a vicinity of 11 acres, Gateway Gardens features various areas, including a playful children’s garden and a rain garden. 

Designed with kids in mind, this beautiful garden is ideal for families with babies. It's a kitchen garden for children surrounded by “vegetable benches”. 

Gateway Gardens also includes a little amphitheater for children and a maze garden crammed with colorful flowers. 

The visitor center may be a fantastic LEED-certified building.

18. Korner’s Folly

Korner’s Folly could be a quirky, 19th-century house museum offering guided tours of its 22 period-furnished rooms. 

With a really impressive and strange architecture, this 3-story, 7 level home was in-built 1880 and has been renovated over the last decade. 

Although it doesn't appear as if much from the surface, it's unbelievable inside. The home is also home to at least one of the first theatres within the country. 

The tour is self-guided, and it'll take you around one hour to explore the complete house.

19. Antique Market Place

For an antique mall with multiple vendors and booths, Antique Market Place is top-notch. 

It's very clean, with no musty smells, well organized, and much to work out. Some not-so-old items and a few really old ones create an ideal mix. 

There is a range of all kind of antiques, memorabilia, art, and an out-of-this-world selection of books. You'll even find vintage and rare books in old leather covers.

20. Weatherspoon Art Museum

Part of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Weatherspoon Art Museum offers a group of 20th- and 21st-century American art plus exhibitions and events meet its 7 galleries. 

The galleries are spacious and well-kept, with artwork from everywhere the region. Listen to all or any the designs and colours of all the impressive arts and paintings.

21. Putt-Putt Fun Center

Putt-Putt Fun Center may be a veteran mini-golf chain with arcade games and snacks. With a really classic arcade feel, most of the games are from 2009 to 2016.

Overall, it's very fun and simple to urge in and begin playing. The middle could be an excellent spot to urge come in the fresh air without being too exposed to the weather. 

And golf will always be a classic game that the full family can enjoy. Both courses offer fun and competitive holes with lots of challenging obstacles.

22. Elsewhere

Elsewhere may be a quirky museum during a former thrift store featuring eclectic objects and artist residency programs. 

During your tour, you'll practice the creative minds of a number of the residents who have put their mark on the museum. 

The pieces upstairs have a political nature with lots of social comments. 

Eclectic artistic compositions and installations may be found on all 3 floors including materials remaining from the museum’s earlier lives as Army/Navy Surplus store and consignment shop.

23. World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

The World’s Largest Chest of Drawers may be a whimsical, 32-ft. Victorian dresser–shaped building in “the furniture capital of the world”, High Point. 

It's definitely large and extremely well looked after! Although you cannot enter or take a tour, it's still a really fascinating sight. 

There's parking at the side and on the rear of it. Although it's mostly unpaved gravel parking.

24. Blandwood Mansion: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

Blandwood Mansion is an 1800s Italianate architecture and former governor’s home with period decor and guided tours. 

The first 2-story, 4 room-farmhouse was inbuilt in 1795 and still stands on its original foundation, making this the oldest building in Greensboro. 

A visit to Blandwood Mansion helps one to grasp not only the lives of those who lived there but also the days during which they lived and therefore the historical forces at add shaping the US, especially within the nineteenth century.

25. Hops Burger Bar: Unique Things to Do In Greensboro, NC

The casual burger joint Hops Burger Bar offers patties with locally grown ingredients, plus a bar and craft brews. 

From their signature burgers to appetizers bursting from freshness with flavor, there's no denying that they are doing better than anyone. The staff in the slightest degree times are personable and cheery. 

The easy concept and relaxing atmosphere make this place one of the most effective in Greensboro.

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