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Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US

Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US - Rivers have been a major part of human history since the dawn. Cities, towns, and settlements have been built around them. 

There are thousands of rivers in the United States. Many of them draw visitors every day to take a dip, fish or float down.

There are many rivers and waterways that are in danger of being polluted in the United States. 

There are still beautiful rivers to be found in the US that you can visit during your next weekend or vacation.

Let's take a look at the top 10 rivers in the United States.

1: Kenai River, Alaska

2: Columbia River, Oregon

3: Rio Grande, Texas

4: Hudson River, New York

5: Colorado River, Arizona

6: Hanalei River, Hawaii

7: Snake River, Wyoming

8: Animas River, CO

9: Tennessee River, Tennessee

10: Allegheny River, Pennsylvania

1: Kenai River, Alaska Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US

Alaska's Kenai Peninsula is bounded by the Kenai River. The river winds 82 miles through lush, pine-covered forests and rocky outcroppings.

Kenai is an excellent fishing spot and a great place to view Alaska's wildlife. This river is the most sought-after spot for sport fishing in Alaska.

Fisherman swooned at the opportunity to fish for salmon in the waters of the Kenai River.

2: Columbia River, Oregon Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US

The Columbia River runs 1,243 miles and is the Pacific Northwest's longest river. It runs down from Canada's British Columbia all the way to Washington before reaching Oregon.

The river's border is dotted with pine trees that lend it a magical feel. The river's deep blue hue adds to its beauty.

The Columbia River is overlooked by cliffs. It is the fourth-largest US river and empties into the Pacific Ocean.

3: Rio Grande, Texas Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US

When you think of the most beautiful rivers in America, the Rio Grande might not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

It's not surrounded by pine forests or snow-capped mountains.

Visitors to the Rio Grande will notice that the river looks very much the same as it did when the first settlers arrived. 

The river runs from Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico.

It covers approximately 1,800 miles. The most stunning part is located in Santa Elena Canyon, which is known as Big Bend National Park's crown jewels.

4: Hudson River, New York Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US

The Hudson River is located in eastern New York and runs 315 miles from the Adirondack Mountains to New York Bay.

Historians claim that the Hudson River was America's most significant river since its discovery in 1600.

It can be found in Manhattan where it serves as the backdrop for many vacationers' visits. 

The river's true beauty is not in New York City.

5: Colorado River, Arizona Top 10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the US

The Colorado River is a beautiful river in the US and draws thousands of people every year. 

The canyon walls were created by the water of the river, providing stunning backdrops to photos for many decades.

Tourists love hiking and rafting. Outdoor lovers can also camp nearby the river to take in the sights.

Arizona is a very popular destination for vacation in the United States. Each day thousands flock to its shores.

6: Hanalei River, Hawaii

The Hanalei River runs for 15.7 miles from Mount Waialeale before it flows into Hanalei Bay. It can be found on Kauai's northern shore.

The river is home to many migratory fish species including gobies, Newcomb’s snail, and crustaceans.

Outdoor enthusiasts can kayak up the river to reach the National Wildlife Preserve in Hanalei. 

Enjoy the amazing flora-fauna of the island as you travel along, before relaxing on the Hanalei Bay beaches.

7: Snake River, Wyoming

The Snake River runs through three American states: Idaho and Wyoming. It also runs through Washington.

The river will take you through a range of natural landscapes including valleys and mountains as well as plains. 

The best views are said to be in Hells Canyon which is a large canyon located near the border of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

As it completes its 1,000-mile journey, the Snake River empties into the Columbia River.

8: Animas River, CO

The Animas River runs 126 miles through southern Colorado's San Juan Mountains. 

The Animas River is a popular spot for rafters looking to experience its extreme rapids.

It is also a popular spot for game-fishing. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is a reason why so many people travel to the Animas River. 

It takes passengers through the scenic region, offering beautiful views of the Animas River.

9: Tennessee River, Tennessee

From the cliffs overlooking it, the Tennessee River offers stunning views. It flows 652 miles, joining the Ohio River as its largest stream. 

Numerous dams have been built along the Tennessee River and several lakes have been created. 

Boat travelers can explore the US by boat without having to leave the waterways.

10: Allegheny River, Pennsylvania

The Allegheny River is a treasure trove of beauty for travelers to Pennsylvania or Western New York. 

Although the river does not offer whitewater rapids like the rivers of the American mountain west it allows boaters to enjoy a day on the water.

Boats can take in the scenic views of the Allegheny National Forest, and the lush forests located near the river. 

Visitors can explore America's northeast by following the Allegheny River, which runs past small Pennsylvania towns.

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